"The Universe seeks balance.  In seeking balance, our part of the Universe creates everything with two poles.  Everything has it's opposite.  Like has dislike, black has white, light has dark, hot has cold".  -execonn

My best friend and I have known each other for almost 25 years.  In all those years we have seen marriages, divorces, babies, countless jobs, etc.  In our younger years we were carefee and living in the moment.  As we have grown, we have often discussed "the Universe" and whether or not it dictates our paths.  We have shared EVERY single corner of our worlds.  The one thing I keep questioning: the universe demanding balance.  Is it possible that we are two people whose lives are so connected...or, disconnected...that we are living polar opposite lives?  We have NEVER both been happy or content at the same time.  Like clockwork, if one of our lives starts to be filled with joy and positives, the other's will be taking a downward spiral.  How can this be?  We are best friends.  We support each other through everything.  We remind each other to remain positive and work on ourselves constantly.  We rejoice in each other's accomplishments and good fortune.  But, on some deeper level, we know...We feel the shift in the Universe.  It is not a good thing.  It is a pull in the wrong direction for one of us, always.  If we cease to be friends would we still be the polar opposites?  Can we affect the Universe with our mental state? 

The ancients say "To change your mental state, one must change their vibration, by deliberately turning your attention onto a more desirable state.  If you are sad, focus on remembering times when you were happy.  One does not have to get rid of the darkness, just bring a candle into the room and the darkness will disappear."

The Law of Compensation is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If the pendulum swings one way, it must always swing back the other way.  Much like my best friend and I and our ever-opposite lives that oscillate between happiness and sadness.  To know the highs, one must know the lows.  It is all relative.  In other words, if you have never known sadness or low, how would you recognize happiness or the highs in life?  Mentally, however, it is possible to escape the lows by rising above with our thoughts.  

"You only get to keep what you give away". The Universe is a giant mirror, always reflecting ourselves back to us. -Edgar Cayse.  We are always compensated for what we do.  Every thought we think, every action, every deed, creates results both directly and indirectly.



Tracy W.
01/02/2017 09:02

I've so often wondered my self ......... but I don't want to think about my world without you in it ......... we can both be happy at the same time...

02/12/2017 07:55

@Tracy W. You complete me! Ha ha Seriously, thank you. BFF


I always hear many stories and articles about the balance of the universe and there are universal laws that we cannot break and we need to live by those laws. There are laws that are there and it will be there for the rest of humanity. I want to know the other studies that were conducted that are connected with the universal laws and how they make balance.

06/20/2017 00:41

I was so inspired by what you have said! In order to get rid of the sadness, just think of the happy times in my life. I like the idea of getting rid of darkness not by literally getting rid of it but by simply bringing a light. It shows how sometimes we think too much about the little things in life and make a big deal out of it when it fact they are not. We sometimes think too much. We just have to focus on the positive thoughts we have and I'm sure everything else will follow.


This is very strong relationship! 25 years it's really a lot!

08/06/2017 05:09

I think it's really cool to have such friend! I have no trye friend. It's sad)

10/18/2017 10:28

It's hard to find the best friend nowadays. I have only two of them in my life.


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