Grant G.
09/11/2016 08:27

I love Cammie!

10/19/2017 08:40

Who would have thought that a certain dog is capable of changing one's life? It's only Cammie so far! This dog has been trained for a lot of years. We can see that came isn't just up for different tricks, she has also developed the art of loving and caring to other people. I want to meet her personally and see how is she right now. Thank you for introducing her to us. It's very rare for me to see posts about these kinds of dogs, and I am happy to have known Cammie.

03/23/2017 22:51

I am kind of curious about this Tactical Brown Dog. What are you coaching? A person or a dog? I'm sorry, but I really don't get it. Could you give me some background about Tactical Brown Dog. It is actually going to be a great help. By the way Cammie is a pretty and intelligent dog.

03/24/2017 07:09

Wow! You have no idea how important this comment is to me this morning. I am a professional organizer and I love dogs. I recently was talked into changing my site mission to be a "life coach". I knew something was off and I felt like my site was not really clear on what I do. I had planned to work on it today. I got a call last night from a client wanting to book me for some organization and then this morning I see your comment. Wow! Sometimes the answer comes from a Higher Power.
So, to answer your question: First, thank you for the compliment on Cammie. She was a beautiful and super smart puppy. Sadly, we lost her a few months ago, at the young age of 4. She got Lyme Nephritis and there is why I wish to donate to the research, education and awareness of canine Lyme Nephritis. Second, I am both a certified Professional Organizer and Life Coach. I have been a professional organizer for years and it is my expertise. I credit my dogs to keeping me sane and reminding of all the life lessons in this sometimes crazy and hectic life! They have been the constant in our family. Third, the dogs play a part in that, for my coaching clients, I like to take it outside and with that I opened the option to include our dogs for walk and talks. Dogs are proven to bring calmness and the distraction sometimes help people open and talk.
Further, with the dog portion, we can also set up meet and greet with animal rescue league to walk their dogs. Maybe, just maybe, an adoption or two could come about.
I know I need to focus more on one specialty, at the moment. Your comment has definitely driven that home and has taught me to make my site and services less broad. Thank you, so much, for taking the time to comment and straighten my path! I would love to hear any further insight you may have or would like to share. Certainly I need to know if my audience is unclear on my services.

05/02/2017 13:37

That all are photos? Wow, the story of your family is really great!

05/02/2017 15:15

They are all photo of our family!! Thank you! :-)

09/02/2017 08:15

She is so nice! One of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!


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